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The glitz and glamour of the casino floor is undeniable, with a myriad of games that are both intriguing and potentially profitable. Two such popular games that often pique the interest of Indian casino enthusiasts are Craps and Baccarat. For those unfamiliar with these two games, the differences might not be immediately apparent. In this guide, we’ll delve deep into the distinct features, rules, and gameplay strategies of Craps and Baccarat.

Table of Contents

1.Introduction to Craps and Baccarat
2.Basic Rules of the Games
3.Strategies and Winning Odds
4.Popularity in India

Introduction to Craps and Baccarat

craps online


  • Origin: Believed to have its roots from an old English game called ‘Hazard’.
  • Key feature: Played with dice.
  • Objective: Bet on the outcome of the roll or a series of rolls of two six-sided dice.


  • Origin: Originated from Italy and was introduced to France in the late 15th century.
  • Key feature: Played with cards.
  • Objective: Achieve a hand closest to nine using two or three cards.

Basic Rules of the Games

Feature Craps Baccarat
Equipment Two six-sided dice Several decks of standard cards
Number of Players Multiple can play, taking turns rolling Usually 2; the “player” and the “banker”
Bets Come out roll, Pass line, Don’t pass, etc. Banker, Player, Tie
  • The shooter (player rolling the dice) tries to hit a 7 or 11 on the come-out roll.
  • Other players bet on the outcome.
  • If the shooter hits a 2, 3, or 12, those betting on the “Don’t Pass” line win. | | | Players bet on whether the “banker” or “player” hand will win or if it’s a tie.
  • The value of cards in each hand are added up, with the ten’s digit dropped.
  • The closest to 9 wins.

Strategies and Winning Odds


House Edge: Varies depending on the bet. The ‘Pass Line’ bet has a house edge of approximately 1.41%.

  • Stick to the basic bets such as Pass/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come.
  • Avoid proposition bets as they come with high house edges.



  • House Edge: Banker bet (approx. 1.06%), Player bet (approx. 1.24%), Tie bet (over 14%).


  • Betting on the Banker is statistically the safest bet, despite the 5% commission on wins.
  • The Tie bet, with its high house edge, is considered one of the riskiest bets in the casino game.

Popularity in India


  • Less common in Indian casinos compared to Western counterparts.
  • The fascination with dice games is historically rooted in local games like ‘Pasha’.


  • Gaining popularity, especially among high rollers and VIP players.
  • The simple rules and straightforward gameplay make it an attractive choice for newcomers.


While both Craps and Baccarat offer their unique charm and excitement, understanding their differences can enrich one’s casino experience. For the Indian audience looking to try their hand at a casino game, Baccarat may be a simpler introduction due to its straightforward rules. Craps, on the other hand, offers a more social experience, as players often rally together, cheering for or against the shooter.

Whether you’re drawn to the roll of the dice or the turn of a card, both games promise a blend of strategy, chance, and thrill. Happy gaming!

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