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Blackjack is a popular card game in which a player’s level of ability can have a major impact on the player’s chances of winning. Card counting is one of the most useful abilities a player can acquire in order to improve their chances of winning. In this primer, we will know how to count cards in blackjack.

What is Card Counting in Blackjack?


learn Count Cards in Blackjack

Blackjack players will sometimes employ a method known as card counting in order to ascertain how likely it is that their next hand will result in a win. Players are able to modify their bets appropriately provided that they maintain track of the amount of high-value cards and low-value cards that remain in the deck.

The Basic Principles Count Cards in Blackjack?

Before diving into the methodology, it’s crucial to understand the basic principles:

  • The Value System
  1. High-value cards (10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces) benefit the player more than the dealer.
  2. Low-value cards (2s through 6s) favor the dealer.
  • Starting Count
  1. When using a single deck, the count begins at zero. As cards are dealt, players adjust the count based on the cards’ values.

How to Count Cards Using the Hi-Lo System

The Hi-Lo system is one of the most common card counting strategies:

  • Card Values
Card Rank








  • Tracking the Count

As cards are dealt, adjust your count based on the table above. If the count is positive after a round, the remaining deck has more high-value cards.

Tips for Effective Card Counting

  • Bullet Points:
  1. Stay discreet: Avoid making it obvious that you’re counting. Maintain a steady demeanor.
  2. Practice: Familiarity with the deck and the process is key. Practice often to become efficient.
  3. Avoid getting distracted: Stay focused on the game. Distractions can disrupt your count.
  4. Manage your bankroll: Even with card counting, there’s no guarantee of winning. Play responsibly

Legal and Ethical Considerations

It’s essential to understand that while card counting isn’t illegal, casinos frown upon this practice. If caught, you might be asked to leave.

The Challenges

  • Multi-deck Games

Many casinos use multiple decks to make card counting more challenging. However, with practice, counting in multi-deck games is possible.

  • Countermeasures by Casinos

Besides using multiple decks, casinos shuffle decks more frequently and employ other tactics to deter card counters.

Conclusion of Count Cards in Blackjack

Mastering how to count cards in blackjack requires dedication, practice, and discretion. While it offers a strategic advantage, players should always be aware of the associated risks and ethical considerations.

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